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27 February 2011 @ 12:06 pm
Stamped as Pascal // Matchmaker Theme  

Name: Sara
Age: 17
Previously stamped as: Pascal (regular), When Will My Life Begin (Reprise 2) (song theme)

Your positive traits: Intelligent, loyal, warm, good listener, protective, feisty, ambitious, competitive.
Your negative traits: Sarcastic, distant, has a temper, sensitive, competitive, a pack-rat, kind of insecure.
Hobbies: I like singing, watching movies with friends, stamping, baking, writing in my planner, playing soccer, taking photos, reading (currently reading The Hunger games ♥) and running through sunny fields, haha.
Write a paragraph describing yourself: I am an ESFJ (Extraverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging). I'm a caring person and I often put too much pressure on myself to make sure that everyone is happy. I'm a bit controlling (not to go so far as to call myself a control freak, though) and like organizing things. When everything is neat and orderly, I'm quite happy. I really enjoy being around people, but I won't tell a lot of things to just anyone. I don't exactly wear my heart on my sleeve, though I'm expressive with my emotions. To get to the root of why I feel a certain way, a person will have to dig a little. I have some trouble making big decisions (this is why I'm freaking out about my life after high school) and am a definite home-body, though I like a bit of adventure now and again.

What are some traits that are ideal for the perfect person?: He should be a gentleman (as in has good manners and isn't blatantly rude), be more outgoing and confident than I am, have a good sense of humour, be intelligent, devoted, hardworking, easy-going and protective. He should also be my best friend.
What are some traits that are an instant rejection in a person?: If he is shallow, rude, overly tempermental, can't take a joke, controlling, two-faced or abusive.
Do you tend to fall for the tall, dark, mysterious and attractive, or the light-hearted, cheerful and sometimes silly people? Or maybe a little in between?: Usually the light-hearted, cheerful and sometimes silly. But if a guy doesn't take life seriously in the least, then we have a problem. There should be a balance.
Do you believe opposites attract or those with many things in common?: I believe in both. It's good to have things in common, but if you're too much alike, how could the relationship work? I think that a healthy relationship is about improving yourself for someone that you love; being the best you can be.
Do you believe in your man doing things for you or do you like to do things yourself?: I like to do things for myself, but I don't mind having some help. :)
Are looks, power, and money important to you?: Well, looks are a bit of a factor, though I couldn't care less about the other two.

THIS OR THAT (in your ideal partner)
Introverted or Extroverted: Extroverted
Impulsive or Cautious: Impulsive (but not stupid)
Mature or Immature: Mature
Silly or Serious: Both.
Optimistic or Pessimistic: Optimistic!
Realistic or Idealistic: Maybe an idealist with realistic goals? Haha.
Selfless or Selfish: Selfless
Leader or Follower: Leader.

Do you mind getting stamped with a female?: I'd really rather have a male, but if a female stamp just fits better, that's alright.
Which one character do you think would be an awful match for you?: Probably Mother Gothel. She is way too controlling. I would go mad.
Anything else?: Nope. Thanks for voting!